75 houses in a community named Colonia Solidaridad by its residents were built by Austin Helps Honduras whose members were from Riverbend Church and St. Martin's Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas. In October, the first residents received the keys to their houses.


Miscellaneous construction and maintenance projects in Colonia Soidaridad


Fire truck purchased and shipped to Juticalpa.


Scholarship program established to send children to school for grades 6-12

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Partnership with Cruz Roja Hondurena and Cruz Roja Italiana was formed to construct an elementary school for children of Colonia Solidaridad and neighboring Colonia Solferina.


Dedication of Escuela Solidaridad, an elementary school for grades 1-6


Two medical mission teams of about 15 doctors, nurses, dentists, and other health care professionals and volunteers sponsored by Promise Healthcare and Austin Helps Honduras. Each team saw about 1500 people from Colonia Solidaridad and rural areas during their week-long stays, performing minor procedures, dispensing medicines, and advising the Hondurans of good health practices. Emergency Medical Technicians also taught first responders effective procedures for treating and transporting sick and injured people.


Teachers from the Austin area conducted training sessions for teachers of Escuela Solidaridad.


Vacation Bible School for 200+ children from Colonia Solidaridad and Colonia Solferina


Over 500 scholarships provided to students to continue their education beyond government-required 6th grade.


Scholarships awarded for qualifying graduates of AHH Scholarship Program to attend local universities.